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We invest across an array of different asset classes and industries where we find value, primarily focusing on equities, and real estate, and private businesses/ venture capital.

Our flagship fund invests in a handful of equities that we believe have excellent long term prospects, undervalued real estate, and fast growing private enterprises.


Our goal is to find companies that have competitive advantages, and companies that we believe are insulated from large external risks such as societal changes, trends, and political changes. Our goal is to find companies that are able to deliver consistency, and out-performance in changing markets, because of how fast the world changes. We are constantly analyzing companies’ decision-making, in terms of their choices on new investments, new markets they might enter, product pricing, and government relations. When these factors align with what we believe great businesses look like then we invest. We also constantly look for companies that are poised for long term growth but that are undervalued. Our equities team is constantly analyzing important trends in the industries that invest in, with an approach that includes deep research and speaking with management.

Real estate

The world of real estate is always rapidly changing. This is why we have a team that is solely dedicated to understanding how factors such as job growth, population growth, business operations, and local policies affect the dynamic world of real estate. We understand that real estate is local, so our teams are always analyzing local trends to deliver excellent returns. Our strategy is to find undervalued properties mostly in the multifamily sector, in some of the fastest-growing markets in the country.

Private Business/ Venture Capital

We primarily focus on investing on a few private businesses at a time, mostly in the technology, retail, health, real estate, and hospitality sectors. Our goal is to first gain a deep understanding of the industry, making sure we understand how and why a company would become successful. Then we meet with management and try to understand their business fundamentals. We also work with management to implement new changes that will help improve the company. Our aim is to find some of the most innovative companies in the world who are working to solve some of the most pressing issues facing the world.

Risk Management

Risk management is at the core of our business. We seek to understand risk in order to capitalize on opportunities and drive our performance. Disciplined risk analysis and management are deeply integrated in our investment process across each one of our strategies. For us this means concentrating on industries we understand most, investing in companies with large capital bases, long term natural advantages like customer loyalty and superior products. We also constantly study external risks that face each one of our investments including societal changes, business trends, and geopolitics.  We believe a well-constructed portfolio with risk management will outperform in good markets and protect our client’s capital in difficult markets.

Portfolio Management

We offer advice to our clients on what exact investment aligns with their exact goal at any given time. This process is very important because of the number of different asset classes and industries to invest in, and the differing amount of client needs at any given time. Once we gain an understanding of our client’s objectives, we can tailor their portfolio and balance risk with performance to find the right areas of investment.

Impact Investing 

Here at Silverstream Partners, we realize the importance of understanding and working with the communities that we participate. For this reason we always work with our clients to make a difference in this communities through our investments in the areas of clean energy, agriculture, and housing. We also believe that in the 21st century, investing in companies that are focusing on improving their communities is helpful for overall performance.

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