We focus on taking a long-term approach to our investments, while taking into account business/economic trends, company performance, geopolitics, and other factors that are key to understanding the financial markets. We seek to understand how businesses operate and become successful, rather than just following quarterly projections. At the core our investment process, our investment team focuses on understanding each company’s strategy, management team, drivers of performance, and cyclical and secular industry trends over the medium and long term.

Risk management

Risk management is at the core of our business. Disciplined risk analysis and management are deeply integrated in our investment process across each one of our strategies. For us this means concentrating on industries we understand most, investing in companies with large capital bases, long term natural advantages like customer loyalty and superior products. We also constantly study external risks that face each one of our investments including societal changes, business trends, and geopolitics.

Impact Investing

At Silvercore Partners, we realize the importance of understanding, and working with the communities that we participate. For this reason we always work with our clients to make a difference in this communities through our investments in the areas of clean energy, agriculture, and housing. We also believe that in the 21st century, investing in companies that are focusing on improving their communities is helpful for overall performance.
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